The clock never moves backward when it comes to seafood and freshness. Wixter locks in freshness and peak nutrition by freezing our seafood immediately upon capture. 

Norwegian SalmonNorwegian Salmon
Ecuadorian Mahi-MahiEcuadorian Mahi-Mahi
Alaskan HalibutAlaskan Halibut
Norwegian CodNorwegian Cod
Norwegian SteelheadNorwegian Steelhead
Alaskan Sockeye SalmonAlaskan Sockeye Salmon
Australian YellowtailAustralian Yellowtail
Chilean SeabassChilean Seabass
American ShrimpAmerican Shrimp
American ScallopsAmerican Scallops
Canadian WalleyeCanadian Walleye
New Zealand Orange RoughyNew Zealand Orange Roughy
Norwegian HaddockNorwegian Haddock
Norwegian Salmon SashimiNorwegian Salmon Sashimi
Cooked Norwegian ShrimpCooked Norwegian Shrimp