Tinned Fish Board

The Wixter Seafood Tinned Fish Board is quick to prepare and tastes delicious. This tinned fish board is surprisingly versatile. It's something that works well for brunch, and can also be the main dish at an outdoor picnic. The Wixter Seafood tinned options give your guests the ability to get creative with their meal.


An Assortment of Wixter Seafood Tinned Fish, such as: Sardines, Octopus, Mussels and Squid.
Potato Chips 
Pickled Veggies, such as: Peppers, Cornichons, Olives, Bread & Butter Pickles, and Pepperoncini 
Sliced Cucumbers 
Optional Sour Cream & Artichoke Dip


STEP 1: Place ingredients on serving tray & enjoy.