Small Squids in Ink
Small Squids in Ink
Small Squids in Ink
Small Squids in Ink

One ready to eat, 3.9 ounce tin of cooked small Squids in ink.

Wixter’s Small Squids are caught in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean and packed in a succulent sauce made from their own ink, olive oil, onion, pepper, tomato, white wine, and spices. Selected for their size and processed one-by-one using traditional methods, these squids are both delicious and rich in antioxidants. Try them over rice for a classic Spanish dish, tossed with spaghetti, atop a tapas board, or straight from the tin.


100% Traceable Promised

Traceability is the capability to fully track a product from the point of sale back to its point of origin, detailing all transactions and movements in between. It is vital for food safety, to prove legality and to verify sustainability. Unmatched in the industry, Wixter traces every single piece of their seafood to the source.

Producer - La Brujula

Based in Galicia, Spain, La Brujula conservas are regarded as some of the finest preserved seafoods in the world. Producers of highest quality conservas for 50 years. Harvested at peak season. Hand filleted by local people in local villages of Galicia, Spain



Wixter tinned seafood is ready to eat. Simply open and enjoy.



Great with sweet olive oil tortas crackers.


Pairs well with a glass of Verdicchio.


A perfect addition to any sandwich.


Quick, easy addition to spice up any pasta dish .


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