Mussels with Hot Potato Chips

This Mussels with Hot Potato Chips is an easy to make showstopper. It's safe to say this spicy snack has it all. From the pickled hot peppers to the chips and hot sauces, this one packs a punch. This recipe will really get the party going!


1 Tin of Wixter Seafood Mussels (partially drained)
1 Bag of Kettle Chips
Pickled Hot Peppers (We used Piparra Peppers)
Cholula Hot Sauce 


STEP 1: Mix tin of mussels, pickled hot peppers, and bag of kettle chips in large bowl.

STEP 2: Top with Cholula hot sauce and serve immediately. 
STEP 3: Enjoy with a spritz as an evening aperitivo.