The Foods that Go Best with Fish

Fish is one of the most versatile proteins you can use in your cooking. It can be a side dish or main course. Baked or air fried. Steamed or boiled. Cooked in rich butter or spicy chili. Looking for some new ideas for that beautiful piece of fish sitting in the refrigerator? Try some of these classics.


Like fish, potatoes are a versatile kitchen staple in their own right. Whether you’re roasting, mashing, or boiling, potatoes taste great alongside a healthy fillet of fish like salmon or steelhead. You might want to avoid fried preparations, since the extra fat won’t make much of a contrast to the healthy fats of the fish. 

If you’re looking for something a little less starchy, try yams or sweet potatoes instead. Your plate will have more color, more nutrients, and more flavor. Or try a waxier potato like a red or purple variety to offer a contrast.

Steamed or Grilled Vegetables

A classic for a reason, steamed and grilled vegetables is the go-to side for fish. The preparation you choose depends on what flavors you’re looking for. Grilling is easy and adds a little charred flavor; steaming helps to retain all the moisture and flavor. You can also eat your vegetables raw as the healthiest option.

Combining steamed vegetables with fish makes for a perfectly balanced meal. You have the healthy fats, protein, and minerals from the fish, in combination with the carbs, fiber, and vitamins from the vegetables. 

Which vegetables you use are not that important. We recommend choosing a colorful mixture. For a great balance of flavors and nutrients, include some sweet vegetables in the mix, such as corn, peas, and carrots. Vegetables make a great accompaniment whether you’re using salmon, steelhead or even shellfish.


The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. Chalk it up to the region’s seeming obsession with fresh produce, high-quality fish, and plenty of olive oil and pasta. By cooking a hearty plate of pasta, adding a dash of olive oil and some fresh vegetables, you can combine all of those things into one.

Add a glass of wine on top and you have the perfect Mediterranean meal! Add fish to the party and you might as well call yourself an honorary Italian or Greek.

Try mussels for your richer, heavier sauces. Meatier fish complement fresh and lemony sauces. If you’re making a creamy sauce, almost any fish will do.

Olive Oil, Oregano/Basil, Lemon

Oregano, olive oil, and lemon are the Holy Trinity of Greek cuisine. (They’re given the same pride of place as hot sauce, ketchup, and mayonnaise in the United States). These three simple ingredients can liven-up your fish without the need for heavy sauces. You can also swap the oregano for basil and opt for the Italian Holy Trinity instead.

If you have a good piece of fish, like the ones sold here at Wixter Seafood, then these basic ingredients, along with a pinch of salt, are all you need. For something more substantial, you can use these ingredients as the base for sauces and dips. 


These little red fruits are the perfect accompaniment for fish and make for great side dishes, sauces, and garnishes. The acidic flavor accentuates the healthy fats in the fish. Tomatoes may not work with every type of seafood, at least not on their own, but you might be surprised how well they pair with certain fish.

For instance, you can use white fish in combination with tomatoes, oil, and basil to create a heavy tomato sauce. Alternatively, you can bake the fish with chopped cherry tomatoes and a little spice, adding some sweetness, body, and a spicy kick. Herbs are your friends when cooking with fish and tomatoes, so make sure you use them liberally.

For more ideas to kick your fish up a notch, browse our growing collection of recipes.