Best Practices - No Antibiotics Ever

Whether dairy, eggs, meat, or seafood, raising animals with antibiotics through feed, water, or injection is a growing public health crisis for antibiotic resistance. On top of that, labels solely stating “no antibiotics” often mean that the product you are looking at does not have antibiotics right now. In other words, the animals were given antibiotics to overcompensate for their unhealthy and unsanitary living conditions until they were weaned off for harvest.

Seafood labelled “No Antibiotics Ever” or “Raised Without Antibiotics” means that no antibiotics were used throughout the entire life cycle: from our hatcheries to your table. Wixter Seafood focuses on premium conditions and natural feed to ensure that each product is “raised without antibiotics and hormones.”



Wixter’s Norwegian Salmon are uniquely suited to life in the fjords, where the cold, clear waters of glacial rivers meet the deep, salty ocean. Wixter’s salmon is raised in large and deep open waterhens with a pen density of 2.5% salmon to 97.5% water ensuring maximum comfort and a healthy growth cycle. The ideal water conditions of the Norwegian Fjords, where the snowmelt from the mountains mix with the warm underwater current from the Gulf Stream creates a perfect environment for raising salmon.


Wixter’s Steelhead thrives in the Norwegian fjords, resultING in a superior fish with flaky meat and a robust flavor that is very similar to its cousin, the Atlantic Salmon. Similar to Wixter’s Norwegian Salmon, the Steelhead is raised in the beautiful, pristine fjords of Norway, in deep open waters with low pen density (2.5% steelhead to 97.5%.) Not only are Wixter’s Norwegian Salmon and Steelhead raised in tremendously clean fjords but extensive preventive measures are in to maintain the natural environment.


Ranked as one of the two ‘eco-friendly seafoods’ by the International Conservation Organisation Blue Ocean Institute, Wixter Seafood’s New Zealand Greenshell Mussels improve water quality and create habitats for other species. Raised in the Coromandel Peninsula, which provides great tidal exchange, strong shelter, and high phytoplankton levels. Wixter’s Greenshell Mussels are cultivated on long lines supported by buoys to ensure clean mussels (avoiding the sediment and grit.) They also produce 200 times more protein/hectare as land-based farms.


Internationally recognized as the winner of the Best ASC Product Category, Wixter’s Australian Yellowtail is raised in its native habitat and one of the cleanest bodies of water in Australia, the Spencer Gulf. Wixter Yellowtail is farmed raised in large, deep floating net pens with a low pen density of 1.5% fish and 98.5% water gives maximum comfort and a healthy growth cycle. Moreover, there is nothing between the water where the Yellowtail Kingfish are raised and the Antarctic but the icy, vast expanse of the Southern Ocean.


In June, Wixter Seafood’s ocean-farmed barramundi (aka Asian Seabass) became four-star certified under the BAP certification program, which indicates that the entire system—from feed mill to hatchery, the farm to processing—comply with BAP’s sustainability standards. Wixter’s Barramundi eat low on the food chain consuming a largely vegetarian diet with a small amount of sustainably sourced fishmeal that gives it a fish-in fish-out ratio of 1:1. This means that we’re not taking more from the environment than we produce. Lastly, our barramundi are closely monitored and kept at low densities. They occupy just 1% of the space in their pens — which minimizes environmental impact.