The Ready to Eat Plus Three

Enjoy Wixter Seafood’s Ready to Eat Bundle with the addition of Norwegian Salmon and Australian Yellowtail. Our ready to eat Smoked Norwegian Salmon, Salmon Sashimi, Smoked Norwegian Trout, and Cooked Norwegian Shrimp are individually packed to thaw and enjoy at your leisure. The Smoked Salmon and Steelhead Trout are the perfect additions to any brunch or morning lox. And Wixter’s Cooked Norwegian Shrimp make a great gourmet protein addition to your favorite salad.


This box includes:

  • Norwegian Smoked Salmon: Three 4 once portions [3 servings]
  • Norwegian Smoked Steelhead Trout: Three 4 once portions [3 servings]
  • Norwegian Coldwater Shrimp: Two 6 ounce portions [2 servings]
  • Australian Yellowtail: two 6 ounce portions [2 servings]
  • Norwegian Salmon: Two 6 ounce portions [2 servings]
  • Norwegian Salmon Sashimi: Three 4 ounce portions [3 servings]


BAG SIZE: 9.5" X 7.5"
BOX SIZE: 8" x 8"


That's six incredibly delicious varieties of seafood at just $7 per serving!


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WhAT IS traceability?

Traceability is the ability to fully trace a product from the point of sale back to its point of origin, with information available about all transactions and movements in between. It is vital for food safety, to prove legality and to verify sustainability. 

The traceability of Wixter Seafood is unmatched in the industry as you can see below! The traceability of every piece of seafood Wixter provides is printed right on the packaging! 


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