You will not find a higher quality seafood in the world. 

We’ve scoured the globe to partner with the world’s finest seafood producers, so we can deliver restaurant-quality seafood to your doorstep.

We exclusively package prime cuts—the filet mignons of fish—and ensure they are consistent in size for even cooking. No more tail or collar pieces!

Frozen seafood is almost always fresher than seafood labeled “fresh.”

Unless it was flown overnight and sold within 24 hours, or you happen to live near the ocean, chances are that fresh fish you bought isn’t fresh. 

Fresh seafood immediately starts degrading after it's harvested. Bacterial growth causes the flavor and nutritional benefits to decrease, and eventually, it spoils. 

With innovative technologies, we are able to stop this process. By freezing and processing our seafood within hours of capture, we lock in peak nutrition and flavor.

Frozen seafood dramatically reduces food waste and your carbon footprint.

Up to 30% of “fresh” fish is discarded before it is sold, which shows a blatant disregard for our oceans and ocean life.

Truly fresh fish, although rare, must be shipped overnight on first-class airfare and consumed within 24 hours, which exacts a significant environmental toll.

Freezing fish naturally preserves our precious ocean resources and gives you the control over the freshness of your seafood.

We started as a neighborhood market and grew our business through honesty and transparency.

All of our seafood is 100% traceable and never leaves our unique supply chain. 

From the moment it is pulled from the water to the moment you purchase it, we know every detail of your seafood’s journey.

We are similarly dedicated to promoting the art of tinned seafood.

We don’t sell standard cans of tuna. We source gourmet tinned seafood worthy of a Michelin restaurant and deliver it to home chefs.

Tinning naturally preserves seafood for years, which ensures that no fish or shellfish is needlessly taken from the seas.

With Wixter, you can eat premium seafood every night without ever taking a trip to the speciality market.